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 Thank you for your interest in becoming a LaRan distributor. The information below should be helpful as you determine whether this opportunity is right for you. 

Responsibilities of a LaRan Distributor 

A LaRan distributor is responsible for serving the licensed cosmetologists in his or her area. Of course, this includes visiting salons on a regular basis and marketing LaRan products, and a LaRan Distributor is also responsible for the following: 

  • Being part of a team of sales reps and LaRan Educators to meet the needs of their customers in their market 
  • Holding educational classes and events as warranted in the market
  • Communicating market conditions so the customers’ needs can be met more effectively
  • And countless other tasks required to truly be the professional stylist’s Partner In Style

Key Qualifications to become a LaRan Distributor

A successful candidate will possess a strong entrepreneurial spirit, and given all of the responsibilities listed above, a candidate must also possess the following: 

  • Demonstrated successful business experience
  • Desire and ability to use technology (i.e. software, social media etc..) to perform assigned tasks
  • Demonstrated successful sales experience
  • A passion for helping customers run successful businesses

Previous Experience in the Hair Care Industry 

Prior experience in the hair care industry is not required to become a LaRan distributor, but it is certainly a plus. LaRan is committed to giving each of its distributor’s product and business knowledge to service their assigned territories and customers in the most professional and financially rewarding manner possible. 

Part Time vs. Full Time 

Full Time and Part Time Distributorships are available with LaRan Products

Determining if there is a Sales Representative in an area of interest 

Please call our corporate office at 951.686.4376 to learn if there is a representative in your area. 

Licensed Cosmetologists 

Retailing products As a Stylist 

If you are a stylist, your local Distributor would be happy to help you get started retailing our products. 

  • If you are a licensed cosmetologist working in an area in which there is a LaRan Distributor, please contact them.
  • If you are a licensed cosmetologist working in an area in which there is not an LaRan Distributor, please call our Customer Service at (951) 686-4376 for more information.

Qualified Candidate (Step 2.) 

  • Please email resume to
  • Please include “RESUME” in the subject line of the email
  • All candidates who submit a resume will be contacted within 5 business days